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Swimming lessons, general physical training on water for children according to specially adapted program

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Why is swimming especially important for tender age?

Trained body

During the active development of children’s body swimming promotes the right shaping.

Less stress

It is proved by scientists that training in water strengthens the nervous system and teamwork helps to get rid of the fear of depth.

Strong immunity

Hydrotherapy makes the immunity strong. Your child will be protected from ARVI epidemics.


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Our experts and consultants

Irina Sidorova

Master of sport of the USSR in swimming. Education - Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism, Coaching Department, specialty – swimming. An excellent student of physical education and sports. Top-rank teacher.

Author of scientific papers and recourse books on swimming training.

Viktoria Shubina

Elite triathlon coach, presenter of Russian and international conventions, 5-time IRONMAN, 19-time IRONMAN 70.3, world champion of IRONMAN KONA 2016

For our network Viktoria and her team worked out and developed the educational program of skills enhancement for the coaches in “Triathlon for children from 8 years old”

Roman Popovich

A pediatrist neurologist with ten years of experience, Ph.D. in pediatrics and nervous diseases. Together with the experts of our school, he has developed an effective methodology for child development.

The important fact is that Roman has several children, that is why he puts children’s health in the first place.

Fostering team spirit!

In what way lessons are conducted?

Methods of the school have been developed especially for children by experienced leading sportsmen, pedagogues and doctors. We took into account the impact of our lessons on the physical and emotional state of children, got recommendations from experts in the sphere of child neurology and psychology. Our methodology is approved by specialists of the National State University of Physical Training, Sports and Healthcare named after P. F. Lesgaft (Saint Petersburg)

Training stages


Warms the body before training, works out joints.

The main part

The training itself. Both theoretical and practical parts take place in the swimming pool.

Game stage

For children not to get bored during the lesson it is divided into two parts with the integration of game elements.


The cooldown will help to calm the children down after the training.

Group 4-6 years

Get the main skills of behavior in the water, learn the basic technique.

Group 6-8 years

Continue health-promoting activities, work on the technique, participate in competitions.

Group from 9 years

Master their technique, receive athletic titles.

Обучение тренеров и развитие новых направлений

Виктория Шубина — элит-тренер по триатлону, презентер российских и международных конвенций, 5-кратный IRONMAN, 19-кратный IRONMAN 70.3, ЧМ IRONMAN KONA 2016

Для нашей сети Виктория со своей командой разработала и развивает программу обучения и повышения квалификации для тренеров по направлению «Триатлон для детей с 8 лет»

Тренеры города Москва

Стерехов Александр Сергеевич

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Стерехов Александр Сергеевич

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Все тренеры города Москва

Personal account for the pupil’s parents

Personal account Parents of young swimmers can follow their children’s success online, check the timetable, communicate with the coaches, participate and watch webinars with children experts in psychology, pedagogy and children’s health, and also renew membership and get insurance for the child right in the application.

We select appropriate swimming pools

The lessons take place in the swimming pools that meet the high standards indicated in the program of the trainings.

Compliance with regulations

Each swimming pool adheres to the norms of Health and hygiene rules and standards.

Sports equipment

Each swimming pool is supplied with all the necessary equipment.

Small groups

The group has no more than 8 children. Every child is under supervision.

The right depth

There is an area with shall depth in the swimming pool. That is why you don’t need to worry about the child’s safety. There is a deep area for full-scale training for elder children. The depth of a pool varies from 60 to 120 cm. Competitive swimming groups train in the pools for adults.

Parents about the school

My son is 5. We’ve only been to 3 lessons. He likes it. Asks when the next lesson is… it’s a result for us because he is very shy) Thanks to the coach for awaking interest! Attention to each child buys over.

Yulia Zalivina
Omsk, Russia

We like the lessons a lot! Especially homework, an interesting approach, we do it at home together! Thanks for the positive.

Svetlana Meshchayinets
Omsk, Russia

Complete professionalism of our coach should be noted (the way he works with children, the methodology of the lessons, discipline, feedback of young sportsmen). Thanks a lot.

Aleksei Kuzkin
Chita, Russia

It took us three months to adapt. The child was crying, didn’t want to go, was afraid of the water. Now it’s completely different. We can dive, swim the backstroke, get ready and come with great pleasure! Many thanks to our coaches.

Kuncheia Petrova
Yakutsk, Russia

It has been two years since we visit the swimming school “Krol” and we are very pleased! Swimming is perfect for health and strength, of course. Besides, knowing how to swim always useful. We are lucky to have super coaches. Children adore them and after the lesson often hug them a lot 😅

Veronika Chuprova
Yakutsk, Russia

My son visits the lessons. It’s his first steps in swimming. It was prescribed by the neurologist. It took us a lot of time to decide where to go. We’ve found “Krol” with the Flamp app. I liked their methods, game teamwork with children, and that two coaches are in the pool at a time. My son is high on the lessons.

Novosibirsk, Russia

A wonderful swimming school with a convenient timetable for parents and children. Empathetic, experienced coaches with an individual approach to each child.

Levon Manasian
Novosibirsk, Russia

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